Network Design &

Our leading engineer, Erik Eisen, opened his first network design firm in 1993 after working at Boeing Areo Products as a head tech. CTI opened its doors in 2016 in answer to the problem of businesses losing control of their technology as solutions became segmented across the tech industry.

Our philosophy is that our techs and staff never say, “That’s not our job”. Every aspect of your technology is potentially our job and we will do everything possible to make certain your company is running, not just your computers. As a matter of fact, that promise extends far beyond just a client’s tech as we have expanded our family of offerings to include the fields of marketing, security, and even medical equipment sales.

Designing an office network to facilitate all of the aspects of your business promotes expansion and fosters happiness among your employees. Our dedicated, in-house help desk staff will know your network and your people. The good that comes from that familiarity can not be overstated. It is the reason why our clients stay with us. Many of our clients have been working with our team of tech for decades, and have migrated to CTI for the continued support they expect.

Whatever your business or size, CTI is the company to transform your needs and aspirations into functional, secure networking solutions. We’ve established for ourselves a standard of excellence and expectation of quality other IT tech companies aspire.


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