Cyber Security &
Data Recovery

No matter what size your business is, having the right security to protect your company, and your clients’ data is a must. Security services are more important now than ever! CTI created a robust three-prong approach to combating security threats. With our help we are here to provide you and your company with cutting edge security. We have had an abundant amount of success recovering client data from natural disasters, hardware failure, and malware infection including RansomWare and CryptoLocker attacks.

Dangerous Cyber Crimes

CTI’s 3 Prong Approach to Network Security

Backups & Data Security

  • Local Data Backup: Installation of a NAS (network attached storage) handles fast local backups and encryption of a server data and workstation.
  • Cloud Data Backup: Enterprise cloud solutions guarantee data is always safe and available.
  • Data Loss Disaster Recovery: Assessment and retrieval of corrupted or lost data whether one bad file or an entire hard drive is malfunctioning. 
  • Data Security: Strategic privilege management, data encryption, and information architecture ensure only users with the proper credentials have access to sensitive files.
  • Secure Data Destruction: A system of redundant erasing, crippling, and dismantling leaves no trace of previous data on retired hard drives.

Network Security & Anti-Virus

  • Email Encryption: Send and receive secure emails containing sensitive information without any worry of interception.
  • Anti-Virus: An enterprise anti-virus solution automatically updated with the latest virus definitions constantly examines software and files before opening them, and scans browser search results for possible malicious sites.
  • Computer Virus Recovery: Immediately, the threat is isolated before more damage can be done. Then expert CTI staff members assess the situation and determine the best options for virus removal.
  • Network Monitoring: Automated logging of possible malicious cyber activity and content filtering.
  • Firewall Configuration: Lock down the traffic streaming in and out of a network with a device which can quickly process all of a business’s data transfers while regulating access.

Education & Awareness

  • Employee Training: Group or one-on-one sessions helping users to understand the importance of safe practices, and to learn about better procedures that fit their workflow and keep a company secure.
  • Helpful Articles: Periodic articles provide a basic knowledge of terminology and ongoing changes in the field of data security.
  • Security Audits: A careful inspection of a business’s network, and practices determine vulnerability and reveals necessary corrective measures.
  • HIPAA/PCI Compliance Audits: A network security audit with applicable regulations in mind will determine if a business is operating within the bounds of government by-laws, which govern a particular industry.


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