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Why Chose CTI as Your Technology Partner?

Top Reasons Why Businesses In The Philadelphia Metropolitan Area Choose CTI For Their IT Projects, Support, And Services:

1. An Installation Schedule That Fits Your SCHEDULE.
We understand a thriving business isn’t an environment where our clients can step aside, or leave their desks while an installation takes place. We are aware of your busy and tight schedules, and we are prepared to fulfill projects and/or installations on days when your company is closed or on a timetable that allows the disturbance to be mitigated.

2. Each Time You Call CTI You’ll Hear a FAMILIAR Voice.
Our clients are more than just a name in our database, knowing each of our clients and their unique needs allows us to reach an answer more efficiently. As CTI gets to know you and your staff, stress will be reduced on both ends, we pride ourselves on providing personal care and building relationships with our clients.

3. We RESPOND To Inquiries and Support Tickets Within Minutes.
When you call or message CTI support, a technician begins diagnosing your trouble ticket within minutes. Most problems can be resolved that day, if not within hours. We understand the worst feeling for a person who is having computer trouble is not knowing if you are being heard. With CTI, communication is always fast and attentive.

4. We Provide Personal Care.
We offer many IT services in-house, from cabling to web app development. More important than how many services we offer is that we provide them all internally, and we keep all work under one roof. The CTI staff member installing software on your laptop is in direct communication with the CTI staff member deploying your practice management, so you no longer will have to be the middle man.

5. We Have 3 Decades of EXPERIENCE to Draw From.
Members of our staff have been working together since the network first started, here at CTI our team has over 25 years of experience in the IT industry. In the early nineties, we transitioned from maintaining networks for only the largest companies to start our own company installing and maintaining office size workplaces.