Is your current technology plan making your club smarter, more efficient, secure and profitable?

Partner with a Philadelphia area Managed Service Provider (MSP), that specializes in the golf, country club and hospitality markets.

Preemptive Maintenance

CTI is delighted to partner with golf and country clubs just like yours.  We protect your infrastructure and data before disaster can strike. We help mitigate disaster by securing our clients’ network and ensuring that their valuable data is backed up and secured off-site.

Are these on your list of ongoing and recurring questions:

  • Is our data backed up and secure, including membership data?
  • Are those cameras, phones, speakers, Wi-Fi, PA system, POS systems, etc., installed, configured and working properly?
  • Do cyber criminals know how to get into our communications?
  • Can those cyber criminals breach our financials?
  • Did my staff’s nagging computer problem get resolved?
  • Is our technology configured properly to optimize efficiency (saving time and money)?

Every organization can benefit from the use of a dedicated IT team to answer their questions and resolve their hardware, software and configuration issues. CTI clients enjoy a familiar voice when they call.  Our helpdesk, operations, and installation personnel are all in-house (no subcontractors), so you’re partnering with a skilled and friendly team of professionals that are interested in your concerns and the success of your business.

Even if you have your own IT person, you’ll benefit from CTI’s cloud services and cyber-security team. We’ll make your staff’s position more productive and your infrastructure more secure and efficient.

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LuLu Country Club

Jon Rusk

Manager – Glenside, PA

“…They Saved Our Business From Total Disaster…”

“I am so thankful that we partnered with CTI and chose to enroll in their preventative maintenance plan: A few years ago, our building caught fire overnight and burnt to the ground. Everything was gone. My first thought was, “We’re done…we’re out of business!”  Thankfully CTI, with their preventative managed services approach, had been backing up our systems and data offsite and were able to get us back up and running within 24 hours in a temporary trailer.  Their rapid response and problem resolution to our issues is invaluable.  What CTI gives us is complete “peace of mind” that our computer systems will always be up and running despite any issues that may come up.”

Contact me to get a quote on your next project or schedule an appointment with our team!
—Chuck Greenberg

Call us at (215) 395-8900 between 8:30 AM and 5:30 PM and talk to someone without waiting on hold. Or contact us during off-hours and leave a message. Someone will return your call in the morning. If it’s crucial you get ahold of someone right now, choose our emergency option and receive a follow-up within the hour.

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